Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Raw Recap, Edgar/hof, and Tim tebow working magic

 Raw recap:

Kane starts off talking about how the fans are deplorable and that they live lives with pure hate but dont embrace it. He says cena represents hope, success, and all the things the  WWE universe aspire to achive but cannot. He says when they see cena they see there own failures and that should anger them. he says when fans say cena sucks they really are saying they suck. he calls the universe liars. he says fans made zack ryder a star and that it proves nothing. he says last week joh cena just delayed the inevitable and that he wants consequences for refusing to embrace hate. Cena comes out and starts fighting with kane, going outside the ring. and into the backstage area. kane gets the upper hand as fight continues outside cena then hits kane in the leg with a crowbar to no avail and then kane dissapears.

My thoughts: Interesting way to start raw. It keeps the fued between cena and kane going and adds zack ryder to the mix.

sheamus/santino vs barrett/jinder mahal
Mahal and santino start things off. mahal takes early advantage.Tag into barrett who goes to work on santino. santino gets some offense but barrett quickly turns things around. tag to mahal. mahal get offense, santino reverses and tags sheamus in. sheamus beats on mahal. Hits the brough kick. tags in santino who uses the cobra. 1 2 3 and thats it. sheamus and santino celebrate

my thoughts: I didnt understand why jinder mahal was in this match, he has nothing to do with the other three and I think it lessened the match. i hate santino hes in wwe for comedy purposes. this match would have been better if it was just sheamus and wade

backstage we see miz and johnny ace. Miz still complaining about the r truth situation. he says he wants protection and johnny says he is not johnnys problem and if he wants protection to get get it himself. Johnny ace says brodus clay will debut tonite
my thoughts: kind of a pointless segment, we continue the path of miz being afraid truth. which ill touch on later

After commerical they announce that Edge will be inducted to the hall of fame and show a very cool promo
My thoughts: Didnt expect this comin, I was certain they would wait until wm29 in toronto. But good for the rated r superstar. well deserved

Backstage we see miz trying to get mason ryan to be his bodyguard as mason is laughing in his face
then we see zacxk ryder on the phone with his dad, eve comes up and says shes worried about last week. He says he is fine and that him and eve should go out. she says yes. as ryder is walking away we see kane slowly open a door and peak around the corner
My thoughts: This is good, making kane look like a stalker. you know you would be scared shitless if kane was stalking you.

kofi kingston vs daniel bryan
Champion vs champion match here. starts off with handshake back and forth action with kofi taking the early advantage kofi jumps off top rope. misses, brayn puts him in labell lock. tapout and thats it. bryan celbrates in the geeky way he usually does. out comes big show. bryan says he hated how there world title match ended. he says the world heavyweight championship is much too important for it to end like that, says he is a fighting champion and will give show a match anytime he wants. show says teddy long agrees and there will be a no dq no countout match on smackdown. show says good luck champ and they shake hands
My Thoughts: The only point to this match was to build for the championship match on smackdown. other then that. dud.

Brodus clay vs Curt hawkins
Brodus' gimmick is that of a cheap version of the god father Called "funkasaures". We start with brodus showing his power. brodus shows a lot of charisma. then bouces off the rope and belly flops on hawkins 1 2 3 and that is all. Basically a squash match

my thoughts: Brodus comes out to 70s dance music and all red looking like a pimp. had two girls dancing with him. The match was nothing but a squash match

backstage zack ryder is hypin himself up looking in a mirror. he then looks around acting like kane is stalking him

then we see miz talking to endico and primo about being protection which they refuse. cmpunk then walks up and looks at miz mis says "what?" then walks away

Jack swagger vs cm punk
Jack comes out with dolph and vicki. before the match johnny ace comes out says in 3 weeks he will be the ref in the wwe championship match and that he knows cm punk thinks he cant be impartial. he says if cmpunk wins vicki and swagger will be banned at royal rumble and says dolph will face cena tonight. onto the the match. we start off with back and forth action. very even match. punk gets on the offensive. then swag leaves ring. swag gets back into ring and takes advantage, cm punk reverses. swag regains advantage. we head out of the ring and then commercial break. and were back. swagger is in control. punk trying to get back into it. punk takes advantage. swagger tries suplex off turnbuckle. punk counters, punk with a flying elbow. 1 2 3 and cm punk wins!johnny ace congrats punk. we see a replay of the pin and swagger got his shoulder up b4 the 3 count!
my thoughts: Very good match between to very good wrestlers. johnny ace took away from this match which is a shame

in the back we see john cena and zack r talking about last week ryder thanks cena for saving him. ryder admits he feels weirded out. cena says last week ryder took over miz on twitter followers and that he is now 1 of the top 5 superstars on twitter and he shouldnt worry about kane
my thoughts: Looks like the wwe is really trying to build this thing. very interesting, yet getting bored of it

we see the bellas backsatge aruging and ricardo comes in bellas say they have a messege for adr. miz interupts and says ricardo is gonna call out r truth and miz says if he doesnt hes gonna put ricardo on the injured list
my thoughts: wow they are really focusing on the miz/r truth huh?

They announce the second inductees to the wwe hof are the 4 horsemen
my thoughts: greatest stable of all time. this was a long time coming. wonder if tna will let ric flair come

ricardo is in the ring. says r truth needs to come out, that hes a really bad man says his mom is ugly and has a mustache and says he smells like a donkey and his breath smells like a rotten burrito. out comes truth. r truth says lucy im home. hola ricardo he doesnt know why ricardo would pick a fight with him. says he has it wrong hes not a bad man. hes a good r truth says little jimmy told him to let bigons be bigons and let ricardo go. asks fans if he should let ricardo go, they say no. ricardo begs with truth he wants ricardo to sing a song "lacocakracha" ricardo sings and really gets into it truth says one more time and them beats up ricardo. miz attacks from behined r truth fights back and miz runs away
My Thoughts:Best segment of the night. r truth is frickin hilarious and ricardo is getting over. I dont see it necessary to have miz on tv this much in one show

Out comes Chris Jericho. j starts crying cant get a word out and then leaves
my thoughts: These were fake tears, he is obviously mocking the fans and I love it. hopefully next week he actually speaks

eve vs beth phoenix
eve gets in ring. kanes music hits. zack ryder  comes out and saves eve we then see eve and ryder getting in a car but the tire is flat. zack trying to change tire as eve is freaking out
My thoughts: They are really pushing a ryder eve romance and getting eve involved with the kane storyline. well done

Cena vs ziggler
before match we see ryder still trying to change the tire. ziggler already in the ring. out comes cena.Back and forth action to start out. ziggler gains upperhand. ziggler does a headstand while he has cena in a hold. cena trays to muster up some offense but ziggler keeps it goin. dolph showing off while cena is out. cena starts to get some offense. we then see ryder getting attacked by kane DURING the match. kane then chokeslams zr off a platform. cena runs to the back. the match ends in countout. we then see kane attack cena. suffocating him. show ends with kane standing over both john cena and zr as they are out.
My Thoughts: The end was very good, with kane stalking ryder and cena all night you knew it would come down to something like this. kane overlooking cena and ryder to end the show was a very nice addition. Took away from a good match though

Final grade: B-

Edgar gets snubbed again
So the hall of fame ballot is out and the only person making it this year is the great barry larkin. I knew edgar wouldnt make it, but he did jump up from 32% of the vote last year to 36% this year. I understand that he doesnt have the greatest numbers, but you gotta remember edgar didnt become a fulltime player until he was almost 30. He deserves to be in the hall of fame. he is the greatest dh ever. And one of the better right handed hitters of all time. If he doesnt make it by 2020. Theres something wrong.

Tim Tebow works his magic
The Biggest news comin out of the nfl this weekend was the broncos SHOCKING the steelers. how did they win? well this guy named tim tebow threw an 89 yard td pass on the first play of overtime. so Is tebow really this good? I believe that your only as good as the team around you. can tebow throw? yes. can he run? yes. but he has to learn to get rid of the ball and needs to work on pocket protection and accuracy. I have said it before and ill say it again. tim tebow is not a quarterback, hes a football player and the broncos will be done after this weekend.

questions? comments? let me know. my life is an open book and my opinions are fair.

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