Saturday, January 7, 2012


Whats up! by popular demand I have started a blog! If you dont know me, im 24, married, and live a very intersting life. Im gonna cut the bull shit and tell you what to expect. Expect normal life shit, that a lot of people can understand, expect crazy fuckin antics because im not a fuckin bore and if you dont like it. too GODAMN BAD! im trying to break into the journalism proffesion.especially in the wrestling and sports world. and you will be reading, hearing, seeing the much. and if you dont wanna hear it. you can blow the trucker your mom just gave a roofie too. im also into music so you will hear and seeing a lot of that. which im sure your all gonna enjoy. I will speak politics. there fucking pricks that all need to be offed one by one JFK style. see? I will say I am pro marijuana and will be talking about that as well. im not saying I do it. but I support it. and id you have issue you can shove it up your ass and call it a yo yo. Anyway, next blog: My reaction to raw this week. The mariners signing of iwakuma, and some other shit.


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