Saturday, January 7, 2012

Raw Reaction 1/2/11, Mariners sign Iwakuma. And whats next for the seahawks?

so we start off with john cena. Cena wishing everyone a happy new year. He says 2011 didnt end the way he wanted. But promised he was gonna change things in 2012. Then we hear kane, kane says cena will feel the power of hate tonight. My two cents:It was no surprise that the face of the wwe start off the new year. I liked how they played kane music and we hear kane speak but we dont see him. The less we see kane, the more we get. It made it feel ominus and got the fans interested. Next we see Daniel bryan and cody rhodes. Great back and forth action and bryan gets the roll up My two cents: My problem here is the way bryan won and then celebrated. hes the world heavyweight champion and cheap wins like this will not help solidify him as a legit champion. And I did not like the way he celebrated. The guy always celebrates like he won a free threesome with the bellas. come on. They need to make bryan look like a legitimate threat to everyone and this is not the way to go about it. We see miz in the office of johnny ace, talking about how r truth is stalking him and he doesnt like it. we then see miz running off saying he wont be a sitting duck, we then see r truth quacking like a chicken My two cents: I like how they are building this thing. r truth said hes gonna act like everyday is christmas and so far hes making good on that promise. although the chicken dance was a little too much.Wade barrett comes out talking about how he threw randy orton down the stairs and it was either him or orton. we then see a barrett vs santino match. Squash. period My two cents: I really like how they are building barrett. It wouldnt come as a shock at all if he wins the rumble and makes 2012 the year of wade barrett. And why is santino still in wwe? we then see miz vs sheamus. miz attacked sheamus before the bell rings, but then it was basically a sheamus slaughtering. miz heads into the crowd and gets dq, then comes r tuth, he said he talked to little jimmy and that hes gonna get got. miz runs back to ringside, where he gets his face kicked off by sheamus. r truth then takes the water bottle of doom and slams it over miz head. My two cents: first off, wwe please give sheamus a legit feud, hes been comin out week after week and squashing guys. not a way to build a potential face of the company. Miz/truth feud being built well and making truth look very good. Next up. CMpunk/ziggler wwer championship. lots of back and forth action. johnny ace comes out and points out the pad on the turn buckle and accidently gets bumped. Back to the match, ziggler throws punk into the rope and johnny rotten lowers the rope, cm punk goes over and gets the countout. My two cents: What. the fuck. I am so sick of johnny ace. But I think its the fact that his antics ruined a very good match between 2 of the best in the game. Obviously there headed to a match between johnny ace and punk.
Next is kellyx2 and eve vs the bellas. Typical divas match. nothing special. dont have anything to say about it.

And the it begins promos are for....chris jericho. Jericho comes out, looking very excited. Popping with the fans, messing around. Teases that he is gonna speak. and then doesnt My two cents: At first I was like "uhhhh okay" but now I understand. it was perfect for jericho to come out and mock the shit out of the fans and then leave. leaving more quesitions then answers. very good booking by wwe. Finally the main event cena, ryder (woo woo woo) and show vs mark henry jack swagger and kane. Kanes music plays but he never comes out so it turns into a 3 on 2. very good action. mark henry goes out and grabs a chair which show socks and then hits sexual chocolate with it and get them both dqed. swagger gets ryder in ankle lock, ryder taps in cena. 6 moves of doom. aa and thats it. Kanes music hits and cena goes to the entrence to cut him off. But he comes from underneath the mat. cena trys to get in the ring but kane knocks him off and then procceeds to suffocate cena. kane then attempts to take ryder into the hole but cena saves him. the show ends with the hole catching fire My two cents: Well I didnt understand why the dq on the big guys. kane coming out of the mat really made it look like he was raising from hell and think it was very well done. It made me interested to see what happens next. final raw rating 6/10

Mariners sign  Hisashi Iwakuma the mariners signed sp Hiashi Iwakuma this week, I dont know much abouth the guy besides the fact that he pitched for 21-4 with a 1.87 era last year. Not bad numbers at all. But remember that was in japan. Depending on how he develops He can be a good back end sp and fills a vacancy that is needed. jack has 4 of 5 needs taken care of. Now he needs a bat. lets start the prince talk.

Whats next for the seahawks? Well, the season is over. The hawks went 7-9 which although not a great record. Is an improvment on what the expectations were (at the beginning of the season they were projected to win 4 games). The hawks had there problems, but there were good things. Red bryant, doug baldwin, and earl thomas were bright spots. But the negatives need to be figured out quickly. I would think first business would be to sign marshawn lynch. Still only 25, lynch was the best rb in the nfl. also, GET A QUARTERBACK. Tavaris Jackson is not the answer. either draft a qb or sign a veteran. With the what the hawks have, they can be very succesfull for a long time. Next year, if we dont make the playoffs its a failure.


  1. I think the seahawks should give t jack one more year to see what he can do. He played most the year hurt and only had a month to really prepare for the season. Plus most his offense of line went down early in the year. I'd like to see what he can do with a full training camp, him being healthy and having a healthy o-line. Also I would give raw a 4/10. The final match was a decent match but the ending was horrible. We did he try to drag ryder down wouldn't make more sense for him to try to drag cena down??? I think Randy orton is going to win the rumble (hometown win for orton). I did like the Jericho thing that was well scripted and leaves you with tons of questions.