Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pineda/Montero swap And Divional round playoff predictions

Mariners and yanks swap pineda and montero

So obviously the big news this weekend (so far) out of the MLB is the mariners trading young stud pitcher michael pineda for young stud dh/catcher  Jesus Montero. When I first read about this trade I thought to myself "oh god, jack z has become bill bavasi". But then I looked at stats, and thought about it and I have to say. This is a brilliant trade. why? Well, look at pineda, Yes he had a great rookie season, but when you put it into perspective, it wasnt all that great. Most of his wins came at safeco, a notorious pitcher friendly park. He was absolute crap on the road, with an ERA well about 4.00. Plus if you look at the surplus of pitching the mariners have (walker, hultzin) you understand why the ms made this trade. Because they can fill the void left by pineda without tearing up the farm system. Plus, the ms needed a bat. And what a bat they got. in 18 short games in the bigs last year montero hit 4 homers and 12 rbi with a ops well north of .900.+. And he can play catcher, DH, and first base. I know I know, safeco isnt a good park for rightys. Okay fine, But the guy has MAMMOTH opposite field power. My cousin kevin brought up a good point to me yesterday, we now have 5 catchers on the depth chart. For now kevin. A couple of those guys will be cut or sent to the minors. And If montero learns how to catch from one of the best in olivio (gonna get slaughtered for that, but olivo is actually a wonderful catcher and play caller). So Whats next for the ms. Well they have been linked to this guy named prince fielder. And if the mariners really wanna win and are willing to spend money (3-4 mil left my ass) its not out of this world to think that prince could land in the great pacific northwest. With montero, smoak, and carp reaching there potential, you already have 3 guys that can hit 30 homers and bring in 100 rbi pretty easy. landing fielder would just be icing on the cake, and I really believe this move entices prince to at least seriously consider coming to seattle. Great job mariners, keep goin right at it.

Nfl divional rd predictions

New Orleans at san fran

San frans defense is good. But not good enough to stop drew brees and company

New orleans 28 san fran 14

Denver at new england

Tebow vs brady. Tebow is not yet ready to make that step to greatness

new england 35 denver 3

Houston at Baltimore

Houston is gonna be good for a long time, and they will shock the ravens before getting kicked out by the pats next week

Houston 21 Baltimore 17

New york giants at green bay

Not a difficult decision here, the giants d will not stop rodgers and the high powered green bay offense

Green bay 35 New york 10

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